Founded the Ethiopia's first and only a large Chinese comprehensive portal website, received the affirmation of Ethiopia's Chinese community and support, also by the Chinese embassy in Ethiopia, the Chinese mission to the African union (au), CCTV, Xinhua news agency, Beijing university institute of African and other government agencies and the support of the news media.
In 2014, we founded the online Chinese newspaper of "Enter Ethiopia" and now have over 80,000 Chinese fans here in Ethiopia. It is the only and most influential member of the Chinese community. In this platform, there have been many investment sharing meetings, business exchanges and other activities.

2015. June we created China (Ethiopia) enterprise federation. We are the Secretary-general, one of the sponsors and organizations of the federation. Chinese folk chamber of commerce in Ethiopia signed a cooperation agreement with Ethiopia chamber of commerce, support the market channel resources to the Chinese community. Existing member 184 enterprises.

2013 China enterprises exchange meeting in Guangdong hotel, 62 companies attended.

2014 China enterprises exchange wine meeting in Han Restaurant, 84 companies attended.

2016 China enterprises exchange wine meeting in Kananisa hotel, 102 companies attended.

2016 China-Ethiopia business exchange wine meeting in Masters Hotel, 121 companies attended.

Planning and organizing charity donation activities in 2017 - five churches and orphanages in the Ethiopian. We called for 93 Chinese enterprises and a number of individuals in the Ethiopian capital for five churches to support food and water, to help the people in need like the orphanage donation.

2017 Oct 29 we organized Ethio-China Cultural exchange and charity event. More than 300 Chinese attended the event. Herald Newspaper gave good comments on these events.